press release - Loče plant

November 2018 - WEILER Abrasives, artificial grinders and non-metals, doo, Titova cesta 60, 2000 Maribor, on May 25, 2015, obtained an environmental permit for the plant Technical fabrics Loče, Industrijska ulica 4, 3215 Loče, in accordance with the Decree on prevention of major accidents and reduction of their consequences. (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 22/16, hereinafter the Decree). In accordance with the Regulation, the Loče Technical Fabric plant is classified as a low-risk plant for the environment.

Metallic reinforcement meshes are made at the mentioned site - a glass fabric impregnated with a liquid phenol-formaldehyde resin based on methanol. During the drying process, the phenolformaldehyde resin is solidified and the waste gases generated during drying are directed to a gas treatment plant, where they are decomposed into harmless substances by incineration. Methanol is also used for the purification and proper quality of phenolformaldehyde resins.

Depending on the type of chemicals covered by the Regulation under consideration for the classification of a plant as a minor or major source of risk, the site of the Loče plant contains liquefied petroleum gas, liquid phenol-formaldehyde resins and methanol. By their properties, they are flammable substances, and liquid resins and methanol are classified as toxic in addition to their flammable properties.

In order to prevent major accidents and reduce their consequences, we have developed the Environmental Risk Reduction Concept from December 2014, which was submitted to the Office for the Protection of Slovenske Konjice Municipality, the external rescue services of PGD Loče and the Local Community of Loče. In the event of a major accident, we inform the call center, which activates the appropriate units with the aim of reducing the consequences and informing the public that could feel the harmful consequences.

The environmental risk reduction design, with all the information on proper handling of major emergencies, is available to all interested parties at the headquarters of the Technical Fabric plant, Industrijska ulica 4, Loče, with prior notice.