Weiler Abrasives Introduces Toroflex 2.0 Cut-off, Grinding and Combo Wheels

An evolution in abrasives designed to help users perform their best work

MARIBOR, Slovenia — June 6, 2023 — Weiler Abrasives, a leading provider of abrasives and power brushes for surface conditioning, is excited to announce the next evolution of abrasives. Toroflex 2.0 cut-off, grinding and combo wheels are designed for professionals in the metal fabrication and construction industries. These abrasives help cut through inefficiencies, safety issues and labor shortages that prevent companies from doing their best work.  

“We understand that our customers’ production environments are ever-changing and many are challenged with doing more work with less labor. We listened to their feedback to determine what they want and need in their abrasives,” said Valentina Prapotnik, product manager at Weiler Abrasives. “The result is wheels that offer fast cut rates with extended life that we developed through countless hours of trials and validation to provide the best product to market.” 

Weiler Abrasives took today’s labor shortages into consideration when formulating the Toroflex 2.0 wheels. The wheels produce consistent results among different users to reduce training time and minimize rework. They also make cutting and grinding easier to lessen user fatigue and improve employee retention.  

In addition to offering fast cutting speed, Toroflex 2.0 wheels last up to 40% longer to increase efficiency in operations’ cutting and grinding applications. Toroflex grinding wheels feature anti-chipping technology, an advanced bond formulation that eliminates uneven edge wear and chipping to improve safety and the user experience and extend wheel life. 

Weiler Abrasives offers two Toroflex performance lines:  

  • Toroflex PRO+ provides the highest quality, aggressive cutting performance and excellent service life within the Toroflex product line.  
  • Toroflex PRO offers high-quality wheels for professional use, especially in the construction sector, trade or industry. 

Toroflex 2.0 wheels are available in F41, F42 and F27 options. These wheels range in size from 100 to 230 mm and are intended for use on portable angle grinders. 

To learn more about how Toroflex 2.0 can help cut through barriers in your operations, visit our dedicated Toroflex page.  

The versatile range of the Toroflex 2.0 line