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Weiler Wednesday Webinar

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PAST Webinars

Toroflex webinar

Introducing Our New Toroflex Portfolio

Speakers: Doris Nena Vrečko, Product Manager; Uroš Filipič, Product Manager; Nika Bratović, Marketing Specialist

Do you need wheels for cutting steel, stainless steel, or stone? Are you in search of grinding wheels, flap discs, or special discs, but you do not know which to choose? Our team of experts is presenting the new Toroflex product range.

Metalynx range

New metalynx expanded line

Speakers: Tjaša Glinšek, Area Sales Manager; Valentina Prapotnik, Sector Manager; Nika Bratović, Marketing Specialist

Wailers' flagship product line is getting a huge upgrade. With an upgraded and updated product catalog, our products are getting a complete portfolio of products for the most demanding users.


Speaker: Franja Juhart-Šega, Area Sales Manager; Doris Nena Vrečko, Product Manager; Aleš Zorko, Product manager

Aluminum is a unique material that, due to its structure, requires special processing. Cutting and grinding aluminum is an extremely important technique, the right choice of tools and knowledge of machining.

Large-Diameter Cutting Wheels

Speaker: Doris Vrečko, Product Manager

Aggressive cutting at high speeds requires the best products. Quality is expressed through product lifespan, cutting accuracy, and long-last cutting. Knowing and choosing the right cutting wheel is therefore crucial.


Revolutionizing Spring End Grinding Efficiency and Cutting Costs with ICE SPRING

Speaker: Marko Grušovnik, Product Manager

Spring grinding is a precise industrial process that enables the smoothing of springs to the correct and precise shapes. It is carried out under high mechanical and thermal loads, so choosing the right grinding wheel is crucial.


Abrasives for Rail Construction

Speaker: Doris Vrečko, Product Leader; Aleš Zorko, Product Manager

Proper maintenance of railways is essential at all times. You must know the benefits of choosing the suitable cutting and grinding solutions to benefit the most from your maintenance processes.


Best in Class. Meet Our High-Performance Cutting & Grinding Wheels

Speaker: David Gorenjak, Design Engineer

Cutting and grinding wheels must provide users with the best possible experience right from the start. They need the most reliable, efficient, and effective products.


X-LOCK. The Ultimate Changing System

Speaker: Valentina Prapotnik, Sector Manager

XLOCK is revolutionary innovation, which we designed in tight cooperation with Bosch with a simple goal: to enable users to use cutting and grinding wheels in the simplest, most efficient, and most reliable way.

How to Choose the Right Brush for Your Application

Speaker: Branko Čas, Product Manager

Choosing the right tool in production processes is crucial. With the right tool, you can optimize your production and work more efficientlyaccurately, and at a lower cost.


Troubleshooting: Cutting and grinding solutions

Speaker: Doris Vrečko, Product Manager

Find out how you can optimize your production and get the most out of your cutting and grinding solutions with these simple tips and tricks.

The Best Tips for Selecting the Right Flap Discs

Speaker: Venčeslav Jakop, Production line leader II

If you choose the correct grinding wheel for the right job, you will have significantly more benefits and experience in efficiency, accuracy, and durability.

How to Maximize Efficiency With the Right Cutting and Grinding Techniques

Speaker: Valentina Prapotnik, Sector Manager

You need to know the correct application techniques for the most efficient and safe use of cutting and grinding discs. With them, you will be able to achieve better and more efficient results, and you will get the job done faster and safer.