Choosing is hard, especially today when you need to make smart business decisions. There are so many different choices when it comes to abrasives and power brushes for metal fabrication. These products come in different materials, shapes, sizes, and performance levels. The options are endless. On top of that, every work environment is unique, and every user has a different level of experience. Understanding these differences is important to ensure the products are used effectively and safely.

The challenge is understanding all the choices and selecting the right product that makes your users productive and your business profitable. A lot depends on making the right decision.

Making the right decision is crucial if you want to gain an advantage over the competition and grow your business.


Weiler on Wheels, or simply WOW, is a customized van designed for product presentation, training, and demonstration traveling to you. Throughout the year, we schedule WOW road trips to bring our solutions, experience, and expertise directly to our partners and customers upon request.

The WOW Experience Offers The Opportunity To:

  • See, touch & feel Weiler Abrasives brands and performance lines. The WOW van is equipped with all our products ranging from cutting-, grinding- and combo wheels, flap discs, and brushes.
  • Receive a customized training presentation to fit your operations. Our team will work with you to understand your application challenges and the products you use to provide the best training possible.
  • Gain first-hand experience and knowledge through live demonstrations. Our application engineer will show you how to get the most out of the products you use every day.
  • Solve your surface conditioning challenges through onsite troubleshooting. Let our experts help you increase your productivity and overcome production challenges.
  • Test Weiler Abrasives products and feel the difference. Additional samples can be provided so you can test them in operations.
  • Speak to a Weiler Abrasives sales expert. It's easy to do business with Weiler Abrasives.

We Bring Cutting And Grinding To You

If you would like Weilr on Wheels to come to you, click the button below and complete the form.



Good word travels fast! Read how we WOWed our partners.
SPX-Soluções para Fixação, Lda - Portugal
Testing of Weiler Abrasives solutions in Portugal

The Portuguese WOW Van Experience was a success! We made many visits with specific tests for different industrial applications: stainless steel, steel, foundries, car bodywork, and boilers manufacturers. It was amazing how the Metalynx line could offer the right product for the right application: the UltraCut, Ceramic, Zirconia, Cutting, Grinding and Flap Wheels for Aluminum and Power Brushes were the secret to growing our business both in new and specific industries. Together with the great team of Weiler experts accompanying the WOW van, we could perform all tests stated above. After acquiring the know-how, we could conduct a training session with our entire sales team. We are looking forward to the next WOW road trip! We can attest that Weiler Abrasives EMEA truly stands behind the statement, 'Weiler, your partner in success!'.

- Luís Nave Costa, Product Manager

ZOMKO Kereskedelmi Kft. - Hungary
Testing of Weiler Abrasives solutions in Hungary

The WOW event was excellent! The presence of the fully equipped van proved to be a great tool to introduce the Metalynx line products to our customers. People could hop in, take a look, touch, and feel the products on site, which is very good. Another benefit was that the Weiler team of experts was always present, and people could directly address any technical questions. The best part was, for sure, that the Weiler team performed on-site demonstrations, so people could see how the products perform while working. We will most definitely use the WOW van for more customer events!

- István Zsoldi, Purchasing Manager

International Abrasives Ltd - United Kingdom
Introducing Weiler Abrasives solutions to the UK market

The WOW road trip was an excellent experience for our team and our customers, who had the chance to experience the performance of our products firsthand. The customers were amazed by the speed and sharpness of the cut performed by the UltraCut 115 x 1! Many customers were also impressed by the Angled Flap Disc and its ability to work quickly and efficiently on fillet welds. Several customers noted that the Angled Flap Disc could still be used as a conventional Flap Disc once the edges had been worn. The WOW road trip was a priceless opportunity to effectively market the Weiler brand in a market where our competitors have a massive head start on us. All customers were extremely thankful to have direct access to the Weiler team of experts to answer many of their questions.

- Mike Kelly, Director