Abrasives and power brushes can pose a serious safety risk when used on angle grinders and other power tools. 

According to studies, over 5,000 injuries are related to grinders each year, many involving abrasive cutting wheels. These incidents often require medical treatment and can lead to worker's compensation claims. An international study reported by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work shows that work-related accidents and illnesses cost the EU at least 476 billion € every year. To prevent accidents, improve metal fabrication safety, and keep co-workers safe, it's essential that operators follow safe procedures when using these tools.   

At Weiler, we believe that people are the most important  asset to a company. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many metal fabrication users haven’t received enough training to use abrasives and power brushes properly. This increases the risk of lost time incidents, worker compensation claims, and employee turnover. Raising awareness of basic safety practices and thinking about safety before the job starts — and after the job is complete — can help curb accidents and injuries in the shop. That’s why Weiler offers partners a safety training program based on the SPOT (Speed & Size, Pressure, Orientation, Time) methodology.  

The SPOT Safety Training Program is designed to educate abrasive users on how to use abrasives safely and effectively. The program covers information on proper usage, potential hazards, and safety tips.  

By completing the SPOT Safety Training Program, abrasive users will be able to:  

  • Understand the basic principles of abrasive safety  
  • Identify potential hazards associated with abrasive use  
  • Implement safe work practices to avoid accidents and injuries  

SPOT safety training can be delivered on-site or virtually in several languages including English, German, and Slovene. All trainees receive a certificate of completion and a piece of additional knowledge to increase workplace safety and health. 

Request Safety Training 

Abrasive safety training helps keep co-workers safe and reduces injuries and lost time. Contact us to request a SPOT Safety Training at your facility.  


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