Weiler Abrasives at MIS 2023


As one of the industry's most important tradeshow in South-eastern Europe, MIS 2023 provided an excellent opportunity for Weiler Abrasives to showcase our expertise and engage with a diverse range of showgoers. The mission of our dedicated team of experts was to connect with as many attendees as possible, attentively understanding their specific surface conditioning challenges and offering tailored solutions. By actively participating in MIS 2023, Weiler Abrasives aimed to solidify its position as a trusted industry leader and demonstrate its commitment to addressing the evolving needs of its customers.


Our team stood out at the MIS 2023 tradeshow because they went beyond simply promoting their company. They connected with visitors, shared their expertise to provide helpful information, and exemplified the values and vision of Weiler Abrasives. Their impactful presence showcased the company's essence, leaving a lasting impression. Visitors left the booth feeling informed, assured, and eager to explore the wide range of products and services provided by Weiler Abrasives.


Participating in the MIS 2023 tradeshow enabled us to showcase our high-performance abrasive products, forge valuable new connections and reconnect with old partners. By actively engaging with attendees, we ensured that our products were introduced in a manner that genuinely highlighted their quality and potential to make a significant difference in users' lives. The tradeshow served as a platform for Weiler Abrasives to strengthen their industry presence, solidify relationships, and ultimately contribute to the success and satisfaction of customers. Overall, it was a remarkable experience for Weiler Abrasives, providing a positive trajectory for future growth and impact within the industry.

Exhibition information

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Date:  18th-21st April 2023
Location: Celje, Slovenia

Venue: Expo Centre Celje

Hall: L
Booth/Stand: 26
Official web page: 
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Weiler Abrasives at the MIS 2023 tradeshow
Weiler Abrasives at the MIS 2023 tradeshow